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Dash it with Singtel new character films

January 15th 2021

Final Frontier and PPURPOSE, have just released a candy-coated animated character campaign for mobile wallet company, Singtel Dash. PPURPOSE is the sister social and programming agency of The Secret Little Agency.

Under the slogan ‘Dash It Your Way’, the three 25-second spots, set in a bubble-gum pink and purple palette, each stars a different character: Chloe, Sam and Shawn; moving through a typical day and demonstrating how Dash makes their lives a breeze.

Created with TikTok in mind, each piece concludes with the character performing a dance sequence that was cut in to 10-second clips for the ultra-popular short video platform.

A truly international effort, ‘Dash It your Way’ was created by Singapore-based PPURPOSE, and produced by Final Frontier from offices in Shanghai, Buenos Aires and Singapore. It marks the company’s first project since officially opening for business in the South East Asian hub. The production company drafted Buenos Aires-based director Gabriel Fermanelli and animation studio, Ronda, with South African studio, Arcade, handling the character design. 

PPURPOSE senior producer Kimberly Loo said,“There was no better way to demonstrate the gauntlet of features packed into there vitalized Dash experience which was both incredibly powerful, and personal. Everyone on the team made sure this process, and end result was fun from start to finish!”

FF executive producer Ryan Shanholtzer says,“This was a great opportunity to show what is possible with stylized character design. With his vast experience animating lovable characters, Baggy [Fermanelli] was the perfect director.”

Outlining his creative vision, director Fermanelli says: 

'The characters represent the brand’s different services, so my main goal was that they would be cool, aesthetically pleasing, and transmit the concepts through very dynamic animation, taking care overall to give a very unique personality to the project.'

The project marked another successful collaboration between TSLA and Final Frontier, following the Cheatsheet idents created for DBS Bank earlier this year. Shanholtzer added,“We were delighted to collaborate with TSLA again. They are creative, collaborative and utterly professional, the perfect partners really.”


Production Company: Final Frontier
Executive Producers: Chris Colman, Gustavo Karam, Ryan Shanholtzer, Julieta Zajaczkowski
Project Manager: Julián Dorado
Production Assistant: Bella Jiang
Director: Gabriel Fermanelli
Character Design: Arcade, Gabriel Fermanelli
Art Direction: Juana de Marco
Art Team: Ulises Días López, Leandro Chaman, Sol Azpiroz
Animatio: Ronda Estudio
Animation Direction: Fernán Graziano
Animation: Maximiliano Ponz, Fernán Graziano, Rubén Stremiz, Matias Fernandez
3D Modelling: Miguel Cesti, Santiago Graziano, Rubén Stremiz, Eugenio Pignataro, Juan Miyagi
Rigging: Martín Ollo
Shading Lighting & Rendering: Miguel Cesti
Compositing/Postproduction: Miguel Cesti, Santiago Graziano
Choreographer: Debora Nashimoto
Music Production Company: Cachorro Loco
Music Composer: Facundo Capece
Sound Design: Lola Richter
Voice-Over: Fuse Adventures in Audio, Singapore