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Final Frontier Entertainment is our division dedicated to films, series, games, and all kinds of content that rely on worldbuilding and engaging characters. This division was born from our passion for original concepts, allied with a decade of expertise producing some of the most iconic and awarded commercial works out there.

FF Entertainment’s main focus are production services for 2D animations & the development of IPs, but as creatives and animation experts, we can tackle all kinds of challenges.

Our capabilities encompass every step of a 2D cel-animation production, but can also fit just specific parts of the process, like the following:

Scriptwriting, Character Design, Environment Design, Storyboarding, Animatic, And Layouts

Pencil, In-between Animations, And Clean-up

Editing, Compositing, And Vfx

Original Scoring, Sound Fx, Sound Design, And Mix

With an extended network of global artists, Final Frontier Entertainment employs a remote work pipeline setup that runs on a reliable, robust, and, above all, secure cloud infrastructure powered by Azure. This virtual network contains AD, chat, storage, backup, among other services, and its connection is private through a split-tunnel VPN that secures files without affecting the internet speed of the artists working through encrypted virtual machines.

At our satellite offices in Buenos Aires, Madrid and Shanghai we keep another pipeline layer with multiple local physical and mirrored backups that guarantee liability.

Production Service

For series, films, and games, our team has the project covered from direction to any specific part of the production. We work within all time zones, coordinating local and remote efforts in an agile, efficient and streamlined way.


As a team of creatives, we’re always coming up with inventive characters, settings, and stories, choosing carefully which we will open to the world. Most are still secret, but here you’ll find a couple of FF originals that are starting to rise from the drawing board, opened for negotiation, or even acquisition.

IP Development

We’re also ready to take any IP to the next level, developing concepts, characters, and storylines into fully realized content that is ready to be seen by everybody.