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Bilibili Animated Collage Film for BMW

February 4th 2021

Created in collaboration with award-winning director Ariel Costa, a.k.a. BlinkMyBrain, it’s a pleasure to unwrap our 3-minute collage animation for BMW’s new bilibili channel, titled ‘宝马’.

With the goal of creating a visual showcase of the BMW brand history with a unique and less advertising-like approach to appeal to a young Chinese audience, the film was produced by FF and is the result of bringing together an incredible team of specialised designers and animators around the director in the intense 6-week production.

Outlining his creative vision, Ariel Costa says, “I planned the whole piece as if it were a book full of contrasts, combining vintage and modern elements. The sum of old and new helped us to create the contrast that we were looking for. I wanted to make sure that we could represent BMW’S past, present, and future living in the same timeline. All infused with beautiful Chinese culture. We ended up creating over 80 unique mixed media shots with diverse styles but the same storyline.”

Check out Ariel Costa’s trippy director’s cut here:

Explaining the concept of the film and overall campaign, Fractalist project manager, Julien Li says, “The concept was to create a playground where the real young audience lives, to allow BMW to pick up the dialogs that have been missed in conventional advertising.”

BMW spread the campaign launch via custom made KVs on WeChat Moments and used WeChat articles and Weibo to further push the message — a strategy that made the film quickly surpass 50k views. 

The tight timeline challenge was overcome with smart production management and fully leveraging the ’24-hour pipeline’, seeing FF liaising with the agency throughout the day in China to gather and process feedback and working overnight in North and South America to execute the design and animation.

On the collaboration with Final Frontier, Li says, “The creative input and vision from Final Frontier were superb.  We wanted to create something exciting and high quality, and the team delivered on both fronts.  With a tight schedule and various sudden changes to the script to navigate, the team performed very well under pressure.  FF was a very reliable partner and we are more than satisfied with the outcome.”


Client: BMW China
Agency: Fractalist China
Production Company: Final Frontier
Executive Producers: Chris Colman, Gustavo Karam, Julieta Zajaczkowski
Project Managers: Angeles Blasco, Yanyie Tran
Production Assistant: Yeeman Lin
Director: Ariel Costa a.k.a. BlinkMyBrain
Design team: Galuh Wiyarti, Juan Pablo Dellacha, Leandro Chaman, Francisco Baudizzone and Malena de Luca.
Animation Team: Lio Skliar, Federico Maks, Nicolás Agarzúa, Matias Lavarello and Lucas Barrios.
Music Production Company: Cachorro Loco
Music Composer: Facundo Capece
Sound Design: Lola Richter